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Elevate Your Game, On and Off the Course

Welcome to Swing Rush! We are a dynamic Kiwi brand dedicated to elevating your golf game and style. Our mission is to seamlessly blend performance and fashion, allowing you to transition effortlessly from the green to any scene. Proudly New Zealand-born, we aim to improve the style and skill of golfers worldwide. Embrace the journey with us and support a local business committed to a top-notch golfing lifestyle both on and off the course.

More Than Just A Golf Brand

Our Mission

  • New Wave

    We aim on being on the cutting edge of the new wave of golfers. Keeping it young and cool.

  • Empowerment

    Encouraging people from every background to take the swing into golf with confidence and style.

  • Innovative

    Our innovative designs and cutting-edge technology bring a fresh appeal to the game, ensuring everyone feels empowered, stylish, and ready to make their mark on the green.

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Who are we?

Proudly New Zealand-born, Swing Rush is dedicated to enhancing the style and skill of golfers worldwide. Our mission is to bring innovative, high-quality products to golfers everywhere, helping them achieve excellence on and off the course. Join us on this journey and support a local business with a global vision, committed to transforming the golfing experience and fostering a community of passionate golfers who strive for greatness.